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Click below to gather information on whale watching tours and whale watching adventures. If you would like to add a whale link to the list below, please send an e-mail to


Whale Watching (United States) Whale Watching (International)**

Alaska Whale Watching

California Whale Watching

Connecticut Whale Watching

Florida Whale Watching

Hawaii Whale Watching

Maine Whale Watching

Massachusetts Whale Watching

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Oregon Whale Watching

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Washington (State) Whale Watching


Australia Whale Watching 

Caribbean Whale Watching

Canada Whale Watching

Greenland Whale Watching 

Iceland Whale Watching

Japan Whale Watching 

Mexico Whale Watching 

New Zealand Whale Watching

Patagonia (South America) Whale Watching

**NOTE: As you consider international travel, especially travel to Japan, travel to Norway, or travel to Iceland, please note that all of these countries strongly support the brutal and inhumane practice of whale hunting. Please take the time to educate yourself on this subject by reviewing the "Protect Whales" information from the International Fund For Animal Welfare (OceanSpot has no affiliation with IFAW but supports its efforts to improve the environment and living conditions for animals and marine life around the world). 

In addition to Japan, Norway, and Iceland, click here to view a list of other countries who voted in favor of whale killing at the 2006 meeting of the International Whaling Commission (you may be surprised by a few of them). As you make your international travel decisions and determine where to spend your hard-earned tourist money, please take a moment to consider whether you feel it is better to stop traveling to these countries until they stop killing whales or whether you think traveling to these countries to view whales helps demonstrate to their governments that sustainable businesses can be developed by watching whales instead of killing them. It's a tough choice. 

To take action to help stop the cruel and unnecessary practice of whale hunting, please take a moment to sign petitions to stop whaling and speak out to your local government representatives and to the representatives of the countries who endorse whale killing. (Again, OceanSpot has no affiliation with IFAW but supports its efforts to improve the environment for whales around the world). 

On a related note...did you know that more that 300,000 seals will be killed this year and that 98% of the seals killed in the past two years were between 2 weeks and 3 months old? (Source: IFAW) Learn more about how you can help stop the seal hunt, a practice that continues to be supported by the Canadian government.  

Remember...every voice counts!  




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