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Conservation Spot!
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Acadia Institute of Oceanography
Seal Harbor, ME
Summer program in marine studies for students age 12-18.


American Cetacean Society
Details from the non-profit, volunteer group that "works to protect whales, dolphins, porpoises, and their habitats through education, conservation and research."


American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA)
"Represents virtually every professionally operated zoological park, aquarium, oceanarium, and wildlife park in North America as well as over 5,500 individual members. [Sponsors of] Species Survival Plan (SSP), a cooperative population management and conservation program for selected endangered species in zoos and aquariums in North America."


Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS)
"Established by the Commonwealth government in 1972 to generate the knowledge needed for the sustainable use and protection of the marine environment, through innovative world-class scientific and technological research."


Caribbean Stranding Network
"Non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the research, rescue, rehabilitation, education and conservation of whales, dolphins and manatees in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean."


Cetacean Society International (CSI)
Home site for the non-profit, volunteer organization that is "dedicated to the preservation and protection of all cetaceans." Includes archive of the quarterly newsletter Whales Alive! as well as updates on current issues.


Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES)
Countries that "act by banning commercial international trade in an agreed list of endangered species and by regulating and monitoring trade in others that might become endangered."


Cousteau Society
Organization that "provides information and insight on environmental issues to inspire better protection of Earth."


International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine (IAAAM)
"Organization of individuals who are professionally interested in and devote a significant amount of time to the practice of aquatic animal medicine, teaching and research in aquatic animal medicine, or the husbandry and management of aquatic animals."


International Marinelife Alliance (IMA)
Organization that "advocates judicious utilization of marine resources and the conservation of coral reefs in underdeveloped countries."


International Marine Animals Trainers Association (IMATA)
Fosters "communication, professionalism, and cooperation among those who serve marine mammal science through training, public display, research, husbandry, conservation, and education."


International Marine Mammal Association Inc. (IMMA)
Canadian non-profit organization "dedicated to promoting the conservation of marine mammals and their habitats worldwide."


The Jane Goodall Institute
"The Jane Goodall Institute advances the power of individuals to take informed and compassionate action to improve the environment of all living things."


The Marine Mammal Center
Information from the California marine-mammal rescue and
rehabilitation center.


Marine Mammal Stranding Center
Brigantine, NJ


National Oceanic and
Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)


National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS)
NOAA Fisheries


National Marine Mammal Laboratory


Ocean Alliance
"Dedicated to the conservation of whales and their ocean environment through research and education." The Whale Conservation Institute (WCI) is now part of Ocean Alliance.


Oceanic Society
Oceanic Society is a nonprofit organization working to protect marine mammals and the marine environment through conservation-based research and environmental education.


School of Ocean& Earth Science and Technology (SOEST)
Honolulu, HI
Information from University of Hawaii's multidisciplinary school, which consists "of a variety of institutes, departments, and other units conducting research and teaching about Earth and the other planets." Includes links to Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB).


Society of Marine Mammalogy
Details about annual conferences, excerpts from Marine Mammal Science journal, information on scholarships, membership news, and more.


Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network
Link to the Texas chapter of the MMSN.


Wildlife Preservation Trust International (WPTI)
Philadelphia, PA

Organization that "is working with several other wildlife conservation organizations to study the behavioral ecology of Belizean manatees, trumpeter swans, and wood storks, as revealed by satellite tracking."


Wildlife Warriors
Organization of the late Steve Irwin (aka, "The Crocodile Hunter") and his wife Terri. Objective is to protect and enhance the natural environment. 


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Woods Hole, MA
Organization that is "working toward one primary goal: to be a world leader in advancing and communicating a basic understanding of the oceans and their decisive role in addressing global questions."




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