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If you encounter what you believe to be an injured seal or sea lion, please contact your local marine mammal center or rescue unit or local police department. Resting seals or sea lions can sometimes be mistaken for being injured -- remember that they are wild animals and that only a trained professional should intervene when necessary. 


Alaska SeaLife Center
Link to current research on steller sea lions and harbor seals.


Ano Nuevo State Reserve
Information from the 4,000 acre reserve located fifty-five miles south of San Francisco that is a gathering point for northern elephant seals and a variety of wildlife.


Australian Fur Seal
Facts on the Australian Fur Seal.


Elephant Seals of the Faulklands (PDF file)
Research project focused on behavioural ecology of reproduction of male and female southern elephant seals.


Family Phocidae
Detailed lists of various species.


Galapagos Fur Seal
Facts on the Galapagos Fur Seal.


Harbor Seals of La Jolla
Includes information on harbor seals, the harbor seals of La Jolla, CA, and research.


Richmond Bridge Harbor Seal Survey
Details on the harbor seals living beneath the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge in San Francisco, including maps of haul-out sites and highlights of observation points. 


Southern Fur Seal
Covers various details of the Southern Fur Seal.





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